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Municipal Procedures:

We currently offer the following municipal procedures online:

1- Request a construction permit: Download here

2- Application form regarding charges on the rental value: Download here

3- Occupancy license (residential): Download here

4- Request permission to advertise the permanent and temporary: Download here

5- Get a receipt for the statement for an institution ranked third category (non-industrial): Download here

6- License for a foundation classified category I / II (non-industrial): Download here

7- The licensing of shops and stations for the distribution of liquid hydrocarbons: Download here

8- The licensing of meeting places and gambling clubs: Download here

9- Application to permit the usage of the municipal public property: Download here

10- Request permits for mastering careers by curfew: Download here

11- Inform about the occupancy or switch workers or modification in the mode of use: Download here

12- Selling asked to guess the price per square meter of land property: Download here

13- Application for registration a lease: Download here

14- Objection on municipal fees: Download here

15- Complaint or review: Download here

16- Request installment of municipality fees: Download here

17- Request the exemption the residence of a disabled from the rental value: Download here

18- Request for authorization for repairs or construction of walls or building walls Or adjustments of the land or demolition work: Download here

19- Violation of the settlement-building: Download here

20- Request to bind wastewater sewer to the general sewer: Download here

21- Requested the annexation of a private road to the public municipal ownership: Download here

22- Request a Municipal Clearance: Download here

23- Request a statement or a declaration: Download here

24- Renewal of construction permit: Download here

25- Request for renovation permit or additional construction: Download here

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