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Ghassan B. Hitti

Village Chief ( Moukhtar ) of Shimlan.
Aley Gaza – Mount Lebanon District

1- Personal Information
• Born in Shimlan on July 1st. 1942
• Son of Bechara Osta Hitti and Rosa Said Hitti
• Brother of Samir, Samia and Milia
• Husband of Aida Aad
• Father of Bernard, Edward and Ziad
• Elementary and Secondary school studies in the Lebanese College of Souk El-Gharb (LCS)
• Business Studies in Beirut Commerce Institution (BCI)
• Member of the first boys-scout team in Shimlan (Affiliated with the United Lebanese Boys-Scout Association).
• Member of Shimlan baseball team (Affiliated with the Lebanese baseball league).
• Founder and Secretary General of Shimlan Social, Cultural and Athletic club.
• Member of Shimlan rehabilitation committee.
• Elected village chief (Moukhtar) in 1998
• Re-elected in 2004 & 2010

2- Job Descriptions

• 1963 joined the Arab Association of Travel and Tourist Agents (AATTA)
• 1966 appointed Head of Membership Authority (AATTA)
• 1968 appointed Events Manager (AATTA)
• 1971 appointed Deputy General Manager (AATTA)
• 1972-2010 General Manager of the Association of Travel & Tourist Agents in Lebanon (ATTAL).
• 1972-1977 Commissioned (Beirut office manager) of the newly established Federation of Arab Travel Agents Associations (FATAA).
• Has (between 1963 and 1977) shared in preparing, organizing and managing most of the Arab Travel and Tourism conferences, meetings, workshops and exhibitions in the various Arab, Middle Eastern and international capitals, cities and sites.
• 1964 - 2010 Active member of The International Association of Travel and Tourism Professionals (SKAL)

3- Who is the village chief (Moukhtar)?

a. In the law:

1. The chief (Moukhtar) is a citizen of twenty one year old at least, his name mentioned in the registry record of his village / town, familiar with the situation of his village, know its residents and all other people residing therein.

b. Official References:

1. Law No. 665 dated December 29th. 1997 and any amendment thereto.
2. Ministry of Interior and Municipalities (Beirut), Province Governor of Mount Lebanon (Baabda) and District Commissioner (Aley).

c. Elections Procedures:

1. Lebanon's democratic rule system is based on free elections. Municipality mayors and village chiefs (Moukhtar) are elected by direct voting once every six years. However, the right of their elections (Mayors and Chiefs) is limited to citizens of their villages only.
2. After his election and administering legal oath, the Ministry of Interior delivers to him an official seal holding his name, province, district and village.

d. Practicing Methods:

1. The chief's work is a voluntary and free of charge but, some of them can charge some financial fees.
2. He, like any other person lives from employment revenues or his private career.

e. In Behavior:

1. Acquiring love and respect of his village citizens, having the desire to serve people.
2. Can deal with them all to settle their disputes or problems that may rise.

f. In Capacity:

He shall swear before the judge (administer oath). He shall be a person to represent the state institutions in his village. Be responsible of the relation of the village citizens with such institutions. Therefore, he shall identify people, their situations, personal, social, living and behavioral capacities.

4- Chiefs (Moukhtar) Council

a. In villages only, an elective Council of two or three known and literate persons who may desire public services, shall help the chief. They, and the chief, shall be elected by citizens of the village by means of free voting. Shimlan Chief's (Moukhtar) Advisory Council for the period 1989-2004 were Mr. Nimer Eid and Mr. Edmond Aways, for the period 2004-2010 Mrs. Roula Moukaddem, Mrs. Claude Araxi Tabib and Mr. Edmond Aways. The new advisory Council elected on 02/05/2010 constitutes:

1. Ms. Violette Chucri Hitti
2. Mr. Edward Michel Jabbour

b. Should the chief's office become vacant (death / illness / traveling abroad for long term), then one of the elective council members shall, by an official decision, replace him.

5- His main tasks:

Regardless of many other tasks (not to be mentioned here today), the chief identifies, certifies and authenticates, by his signature and seal:

a. Personal photographs and pictures.
b. Requests and appeals.
c. Identity card applications.
d. Family and personal statutes.
e. Passport applications.
f. Voting cards.
g. Marriage, birth, divorce and death certificates.
h. Succession limiting attestations.
i. Family, Social and living attestations.
j. Unemployment and pensioner certificates.
k. Applications of citizen acquisition (non-Lebanese spouses).
l. Applications of rite changes.
m. Identifying and Residing attestations.
n. Behavior Certificates.

6- Performance:

The village Chief (Moukhtar) shall be a good example of a responsible person who can proudly and respectfully prove good behavior and credibility, by clear life at home, with citizens and society, by loving his village, by allocating sufficient time, by keeping conscious to problems or troubles facing its citizens and to be able to face and solve them.

In Shimlan, best relations, means of co-operation and solidarity do exist between its official and public institutions, subsequently clearing the passage for real exemplary village, a compatriot citizen, a delight clean, healthy and natural living.

7- Previous village chiefs (Moukhtar):

1. Diab Iskandar Hitti **
2. Khalil Chaker Tabib **
3. Gergyes Nassif Jabbour **
4. Said Ghandour Hitti ** 1959
5. Asaad Boutros Hitti ** 1959-1963
6. Chucri Osta Hitti ** 1963-1989
7. Ghassan Bechara Hitti 1998-2004, 2004-2010, 2010-2016

* Shimlan is a village in the Province of Mount Lebanon – District of Aley
** Deceased
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